Sparco Extrema RS-10 Racing Suit

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Sparco once again introduces the world's lightest, most comfortable racing suit!


The Sparco Extrema RS-10 Nomex Racing Suit promises to forever change the way we think of multi-layer racing suits! The Extrema RS-10 introduces the world's first application of the unique "multi-layer" Hocotex fabric. At first glance, this appears to be a basic, single layer suit that couldn't possibly meet the FIA 8856-2000 rating stamped on the collar. This super-thin layer is accomplished through a finely constructed honeycomb structure woven directly into the fabric. This weaving allows for thousands of protective microcapsules over the entire suit. The traditional multi-layer suit is composed of several layers of fabric sandwiched and then quilted together to create a protective layer - each quilt box (about 300 in a standard sized suit) creates a pocket of air that when introduced to heat, expands to insulate and protect the driver. In contrast, the Extrema RS-10 suit contains over 66,000 of these pockets of air, providing not only light weight, but extreme fire protection!

Protection aside, the Extrema RS-10 is far more breathable than the standard racing suit due to its thin, single-layer construction. The fabric is only 0.6 mm thick - compare this to other top-end suits that measure upwards of 1.6 mm. Plus, the lack of quilting greatly increases comfort by reducing the internal seams within the suit.

WARNING: After receiving this suit, you may be tempted to return it as no suit this thin could POSSIBLY provide adequate fire protection! Rest assured, this suit has surpassed the grueling FIA 8856-2000 test. Please wear with confidence (and comfort!)

Technical Information

Rating: FIA 8856-2000
Layers: Single (Multi-layer fabric)
Fabric: Nomex (Fire Resistant)
Fabric Weight: 200 g/sqm
Part Number: SP1122 SIZE COLOR
Manufacturer: 001122xx

• 10% lighter then the Superleggera suit (size 48 = 700 grams)
• Up to 300% more breathable then traditional multi-layer racing suits
• Super thin fabric for class leading comfort. It's like a second skin!
• Unique honeycomb construction provides 10-12% more heat resistance then traditional constructions
• Nomex construction


Sparco Suit Sizing Chart

Note: All measurements are in inches. Your ideal size will be the smallest size that includes your largest measurement.

Sizing Tips: A Driving Suit should have a loose, comfortable fit and allow for a full range of motion. Make sure the fit doesn't change when sitting down! A suit that fits tightly may sacrifice the protective layer of air between the suit and your skin/underwear and can potentially decrease the level of protection provided by your suit. Driving suits do not "break-in" or stretch over time.

A. Chest: Measure around the fullest part, under the armpits, keeping the tape horizontal.
B. Waist: Measure around the natural waist line, inline with the navel.
C. Hip: Measure around the fullest part of your hips, about 20cm below the waist line.
D. Shoulders: Arms at your sides, run tape measure from bone to bone.
E. Sleeve (Arm Length): Measure from shoulder to wrist. F. Inseam: Standing against a wall, measure from the crotch to the bottom of your leg.
G. Back: Measure lowest vertebrae of the neck to the waist.

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